Salam and hello readers :)

before I proceed, here's a video that I wanna share with u guys :


Well, it's a nice video right? Simple video with a simple messages.
Indeed, as a human, we're often overlooked for what we have done wrong,
or the one that we've got from others.
So, let's reflect ourselves and apologized to everyone or those whom we might
have hurt. And let's forgive those who'd hurt us too.
It might have been in our past, or it may be present, but apologizing and forgiving, 
is better for our future.
Hence, I'm sorry for everything that I have done wrong or might have hurt u.
May god forgives us all. And for those who were hurting me,
no worries I've already forgave u all.
And even I have apologized and forgave before, there's nothing wrong with doing it
more often. Well yes indeed, it's harder to apologized those who didn't asked for it from u.
But still, u can try to forgive them over and over again till u feels no more angry / hate /
anything upon them / whatever that they did to u. 
and whatever consequences u wanna make / take,
it's your choices. But remember that it consists of good and bad.
May u not pick the wrong choices. Remember your God. 
Remember what u have to seek upon Him.
Sometimes, u have tried your best, but it's just not the same thoughts as on the other hand,
and u just couldn't save it. It's okay, as u've tried, at least, rather than just let it go,
just like that. It's okay, God knows, and He knows that u've tried.
It's okay to lose now but in the end u're the 'winner'. :)

Okay guess that's it for today. Yeah I may sounds deep, but, still,
it's general. Feel free to includes your own perspectives down here.
May u have such a great day.


3 bubblynotes :):

  1. Yeah...forgiveness is the sweetest revenge that we could give..^^

  2. salam..that's right Pretty Honey..forgiveness is the best revenge..The best way in ourlife..
    Thanks qeela komen awk kat blog sy..nice comment..tu lah lain org lain pandangannya kan..yg penting kita jgn salah kan takdir..:-)..Allah Maha Mengetahui..

  3. wow... very deep and meaningful indeed! I have to agree that forgiveness is the sweetest revenge and the best remedy for any heart-pain~ anyway, thank you for visiting my blog and I do have follow button on my sidebar. Just click the word "FOLLOW". I don't usually follow people but I will add you in my "Blogread" list so I will visit you often ^^


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