A Malay Word - Cakna


Yes, 'cakna'.
Do u know what it meant?
Actually it all came from my hubby's bro,
he had left a comment on 1 of my hubby's post on fb and used this word which both of us didn't knew what it's stand for that time.
So, embarrasingly, i've asked Mr.Google and here's what it told me :

"Mengikut kamus dewan edisi ke-4, cakna berasal dari perkataan Terengganu yang bermaksud
 ambil peduli, ambil berat. "

Oh actually i've found it on a blog, umm i can't recall but it's about language.

Huhu feels epic with this words though,
and yeah i believe most of us, the youth, didn't have any idea of this word too,
am i right?
if u knew, then u're great & yes the salute is on u :)

Well, it's motivate me too to get used to those kinda words.
High level of malay words - i can say.
Cause as far as i know, it's rarely used nowadays.
Neither do heard it.

And yeah, i know i'm not that good in malay language & even
used English more in here / whatever but umm,
say & think what u'd love to k.
u're not in my shoes :)

ok yes i do felt embarrassed as i didn't know much bout this word or so,
i'm sorry i'm not perfect
it's ok it doesn't matter.
later maybe.
or not.
i'm just being me.
i'm comfortable babbling in English for now,
cause i didn't know who were my audience.
i didn't know who read any of mine or so.
so, i'm just comfortable with this kind of way.
but no worries, i'll mix it up with malays too people!

Oh but that's not the main point in here.
Back to our details, yess Cakna.
well, the moral of the story is, a really big note to myself too & others too is that
we better learn ours, especially this kind of words etc,
preserved them, hold them, right?
No matter what languages u speak, u comfy with, or u used more with,
learning any other things especially those words wouldn't hurt,
it's some useful knowledge that we get.
U can use it nor save it right, the thing is u wanna learn & find a knowledge.
That's the importance of all.
Even our beloved prophet, Muhammad (pbuh) once said:
"Go in quest of knowledge even unto China."


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