Life and Excelsior

In the other words, 
Be positive, think positive, act positive.
And if u stick to it, u will get all the positive results and 
a positive, happy life.
Yeah as simple as that.
But, indeed, it's easier said than done, for some cases.
Still, u can try. Little by little, maybe?
If u didn't push yourself out for something better, who else will?

In addition, have some faith my friends.
God didn't give u anything neither do the obstacles nor tests,
any of those, that u couldn't bear with.
Trust Him, have faith in Him,
as He knows better what's best for u.
Yeah greater than u do, love.

Sometimes, u may wants something
but it's just not what u need, really, on that time.
And sometimes, u may think that there are nothing good
with it or in it, but truth is, there'll be, always be,
something better, even greater,
lies beneath it or at the end of it later.

Life is hard, or some might said it's challenging,
but if u ignored excelsior, ignored faith,
and welcome negativity,
it will be harder and harder than it gets.
Maybe till it could turned into the worst.

In fact, if u're a Muslim, we've known that our deen had 
thought us to always think and choose positive things
on top of other choices, as well as in our life.
So, this is it love. Excelsior. 
Think. And Change. 

Excelsior. That's what we need in life. No matter how hard, how bad, how worst, u just have to believes in them. Stay put with the faith to the God and it all will going out right. :)


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