The Last Night Scene

Last night was a little bit of terrified, bizarre, yet needful for me.
It was 4.15 am, when I was suddenly woke up, where there were loud thunder & lightning
that went on and on, continuously.
The lightning was so bright and clear, till it made me felt like someone had played with
the light or something flashy, switched it on and off over and over, right in front of my face.
And as for the thunder, oh dear god, it just felt like He was so mad, really mad at us,
where it went real loud, continuously, scary, - like someone was shouting on and on fiercely
at u, till it shake up the wall from the ground.
Around with the heavy rain, yeah, it was terrifying.
Still, it made me thought of something, and even lots of pop up thoughts that came into
my mind on those very moment.

First of all, of course, about the He mad thingy.
Yeah I did felt it whenever that there was thunder or something.
Of course, it's such a blessed when it's rain, but at the same time, if there's loud thunder,
I always like kept it to myself that it was such a notice too. u know.
Umm more to a lil reminder, which to reminds me of Him, my dear Lord Allah the Almighty.
In addition to the reminder where He's the only one that controls everything,
the only powerful, everything. Yet to reminds me of my own sins, or how remiss I am,
thus, better get into the right path now, enough with laic, also, not to forget Him,
not to forget His love towards us, and every great things that He gave,
and always, always give in our life.
Yeah as a human being, we couldn't avoid from make mistakes,
but this little reminder could made us remember that we had Him,
in fact, always, had Him.
In a simple words, it had helped me to be a better muslimah, InsyaAllah.
Furthermore, it's also can help me to stay in the path, to istiqomah, InsyaAllah, Aamiinn.

Then, (bout the last night scene of course) it tend to made me thought like,
were there some kind of severe misfortune would befall?
Oh dear god hopefully it'll be averted from us, Aamiinn.
Cause yeah it wasn't impossible, u know,
remember bout Pompeii, the people of Lut? click here for full stories
and lots of examples from the past that we could thought of.
 Oh Dear Lord, forgive us, mercy us, protect us from those bad, and please, guide them who made this land dirtier, guide them and guide us Lord, please save this land, O Allah the Merciful, the Powerful,. Ya Allah, Alhamdulillah, thank you Ya Allah that you are still give us the chances, eventhough how dirty, how awful we sinners have made, O Allah, only You, the One and Only with the greatest Love of all. Dear Lord, please save this land Ya Allah..Aamiinn..

Seriously, I didn't wanna have the same fate as them (the previous people like I've stated above),
we're even luckier here in Malaysia that He didn't gave us one, even like the bad big tsunami
in some nearer countries around us (just as example) , which I know, He could.
with this awful, dirty land, oh Dear God, I'm speechless.
And as for last night, oh god, I tend to thought that were we would drown or something?
were this land would been wiped out? or were there a / some place that
been drown or anything on that time? or maybe anything else that might be happened?
Oh Dear Lord. Cause I felt like it did, u know,
I never experienced the rain and the thunder and everything like how it went last night.
I could even thought to recorded it, but idk I just stilted there,
I only could thoughts, prayed and zikr. Which as always, zikr had always made me felt better,
and for last night, Alhamdulillah, pull me back to sleep.

On a second thought bout the misfortune thingy, idk, yeah as we're the people of the end of time,
will it be any such 'hard reminder' that will fall upon us before the doomsday?
Oh Dear Lord only You could answered that.
If u said it will, then it will be.
But hopefully it will be averted from us..

Well, it's quite a scene and pretty special moment for me.
Even though it was kinda terrifying, somehow it's special.
The most special thing bout it,
it was the another example of how Greatest His Love are,
which He kinda showed to me from it. I mean He let me think that way. idk.
I guess to all of us too. Even everything that happened in our life,
contains thousands of messages that lies beneath it from Him.
And when I woke up again this morning, saw everything were just fine,
the air that He gave me to breathe was so fresh, the cool breeze,
it's just lovely, very lovely. And I felt so much love from Him.
Love that we couldn't imagine, how greatest, super duper greatest it is, to us.
Yeah us, tiny-nothing us.
Dear god, Alhamdulillah, thank u for everything Dear Merciful Lord :')

note to self

note to self

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